Snow? Where are you?

GFS model output

Slow start to the Winter? Well, you are right. We are so used to going outside in January and seeing a snow pack. Right now, the snow pack is limited to parts of the Berkshires and NH/VT/ME. So what's happening? Basically the " polar vortex " is strong right now, so with the current jet stream, cold air is very limited. As seen above, the " Polar vortex " is expected to weaken. When it weakens, it will become unstable. As it becomes unstable, cold air will move South in waves giving us the chance to get some snow. Everything needs to add up though. The cold air is not locked in place just yet, so storms are only tapping into what cold air we have. Once the cold air is pushed into our neck of the woods, and a low pressure system moves in, the chance for snow will increase but until the cold air is locked into place, a rain/snow line will be in the area. Of course that is tough to nail down on where it will set up. Right now we are keeping a close eye on Monday night into Tuesday for the chance for some accumulating snow. We will have more details on that this weekend. Enjoy!

-Shawn Kelley CEO Mill City Weather

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