Shawn Kelley to give it a go at DATV

Pictured above is Shawn Kelley and DATV

It's hard to not find someone around here who has not discovered Mill City Weather yet. With over 17,000 followers on Facebook, MCW has become the trusted source for weather in the Merrimack Valley. Mill City Weather's goal has been and always will be to provide an accurate and local forecast for the Merrimack Valley and Southern NH. " When watching the local news, I always felt like the Merrimack Valley would get missed out. With a 2-3 minute TV time, it would make sense giving the time" said Shawn. This is a main reason why MCW was started back in 2010.

Over the years, Shawn has worked hard on creating TV broadcast like graphics in which he hopes to add onto TV. Once he purchased a green screen, he practiced and has finally made the decision to step over to DATV and give it a try with his friend Nathan. " A great friend of mine already forecasts the weather in Dracut, at DATV so i'll be doing it with him over there. I'm excited for this opportunity to work together and to move forward with my potential career in broadcasting. " Said Shawn.

While over at DATV, Shawn will provide a forecast for the Merrimack Valley in which he hopes to broadcast between 3 and 5 times a week. We have reached out to LTC- Lowell , Tyngsborough Public Access and Tewksbury Public Access to try to reach an agreement for the weather broadcast to be seen on it's platforms as well. Stay with us!

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