Brickstone Sq Christmas Tree is Back

Over 4,000 LED C9 Christmas lights light up the Brickstone Square Christmas tree in Andover, MA Sunday night. Photo credit : Shawn Kelley

ANDOVER - Weather was misty Sunday night as over 2,000 people came out to attend the Brickstone Square Christmas Tree Lighting. For many years, Brickstone Square now known as Andover Landing, put up a Christmas tree in the center of 300 Brickstone Square. A tree typically around 90-100 ft was in center place. The tree would be decorated with big bows, ornaments and thousands of multi colored twinkle C7 net lights. A VIA crane would put the tree into it's place typically around Veterans Day and it would light up the weekend after Thanksgiving.

As the years went on in the early 2000's, the company moved out of the property, moving to Brickstone Development at 159 River Road ( Andover . MA ). The event stopped at Brickstone Square shortly after. The company planted a tree in memory of the years of the tree lighting.

However, even though the event ended at Brickstone Square, it started at Brickstone Development. A huge tree would be placed at the entrance decorated similar to the other at Brickstone Square. Sadly, the tree at Brickstone Development stopped in which a Santa Claus sleigh and reindeer replaced the spot of the tree.

Along with the Christmas tree at Brickstone Square would be a Santa's Village with a merry go round and Christmas props. A Toy For Tots house would always be placed near the entrance, and to this day it is still there.

For over 13 years, the Brickstone Square tree went into the dark. Now it is back, brighter than ever. Thank you to KP Partners and to all who have brought the tree lighting back. It has been missed by many and especially me.

- Shawn Kelley CEO Mill City Weather

Original Toy For Tots House

1992 Brickstone Tree ( Egils Zarins )

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